The Eyes Of A Child (pt. 2)

Every day I learn so much from my four year old... like how much joy you can find in the littlest of things. Why is that important? Obviously we'd all rather be happy than sad, cheerful than angry, etc. The reasons go much deeper than that. First, think of how you feel when your angry or mad....not good, right? Not just not good, but it stifles everything good about you; your creativity, your joy, even your health. Yes, being in a bad mood negatively affects your entire physiologically. Perhaps the most important thing being in a bad mood takes from you is your ability to attract. Think about it. Who wants to be around a grouch? Have you ever spent any time around someone that is negative? If no, then don't, because it's contagious. If so, then you know what I mean.

Ever wonder why most people (yes even grouchy ones some times) enjoy being around kids? Because a happy child brings a smile to almost everyone's face. That's what you want people to think about when they think about you. Indeed, being in a good mood and being someone that people want to be around is perhaps the single most important thing you can constantly remind yourself of, not just for your business, but for your enjoyment of life!

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