My goal for this piece of cyber real estate is to empower you.  See, I’m just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary drive—a drive that has taken me places and given me opportunities that were unimaginable twenty years ago.  As a civil engineer, I was grinding out a living— 8:00 to 6:00 Monday to Friday and then back at it the next week.  Moderately successful but certainly not challenged or able to retire in the foreseeable future.

The Direct Sales Industry

Then I was introduced to the Direct Sales industry and something inside of me woke up and screamed, “This is your chance!” With a part time (not spare time) effort for one year, I was able to quit my job and devote all my time to growing a business. The next year my income tripled and in my third year I earned more in a month from my Direct Sales business than I had earned in my best year as a Civil Engineer!

While this is the short version of a long story, the bottom line is: you can do it too! With the information I’ll be communicating here and my other social media channels, I will share with you first-hand, practical knowledge about what to look for in a Direct Sales company and developing a global Direct Sales organization. I hope it inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and GO FOR IT! Take all the information in. A word of caution though: if you follow my advice, you just may succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Allow me to expand further.  Nearly 30 years ago while working as a Civil Engineer, I realized my career path would not afford me the income or lifestyle I desired. I sought a way to compress 40 years of earnings into a shorter time span without sacrificing all my free time and flexibility. More importantly, I wanted to accomplish my financial goals with an opportunity  that embodied my personal principles of a strong work ethic, integrity and commitment to excellence, yet allowed me to have some fun too; to live life on my own terms.  I guess you could say I believe in working hard, and playing hard.

I found what I was looking for in the Direct Sales industry.  I’ve spent years learning from some of the best in that business, and learned it’s possible to generate income and grow my net worth whether I’m working or enjoying leisure time. That's where we need to be! It doesn’t come without an commitment, but you can accomplish the same by partnering with the right people and opportunity, and by employing simple disciplines and concepts to build a part-time or full-time income without assuming high risks or making an unreasonable time commitment. Your primary commitment will be your desire and willingness to succeed.

All of what we have discussed can be considered cornerstones of my career success.  Now, I take great pride and pleasure in using my near 30 years of successful experience to help companies and individuals get better and realize more to their potential. If you’re ready to live the life you deserve, I encourage you to soak up the information here and let nothing slow you down!  You may not yet realize it, but there’s GREAT things in your future!


Professional Accomplishments

I’ve been fortunate to have had the experience I’ve had and to work with the mentors, team members, and various corporate partners that have come into my life.  As a result, I’ve enjoyed some great accomplishments.


Here are a few:

  • Nearly 30 years of experience resulting in a multimillion-dollar earning, international sales organization with total sales of over $ 90,000,000.

    • Top 10 producer and top pin rank in multiple companies​

  • Multi-term member of multiple company Advisory boards

  • Keynote speaker at numerous conventions and expos

  • Frequent guest on several industry-related talk shows

  • Recognized as my company’s Most Valuable Leader

  • Profiled in Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century by New York Times bestselling author Richard Poe

  • Contributing author to The Ultimate Guide To Network Marketing

  • Recognized and sought after as one of the top speakers, trainers and recruiters in the Direct Sales industry

    • Recognized as one of the top 150 Global Ambassadors in the MLM industry​

    • Founded Global Growth Consultants in 2014