What People Say

Todd Smith, successful entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and author of Little Things Matter

“I have worked closely with Jeff for more than 15 years.  He is one of the most focused, disciplined and talented people I know. He is also one of the most enjoyable people I have ever worked with over my 30 year entrepreneurial career.”

Wendy Leisman, Vice President, Florida

“In a world where integrity, loyalty and personal growth are easily shrugged off, it has been a pleasure to work with Jeff, a person who walks the walk. Over the past 10 years, he has been a true mentor and friend who has helped both me and my organization grow, both personally and professionally. The success he has earned is well deserved.”

Damon DeSantis, Former CEO of Rexall Sundown

“We’ve seen big dividends from Jeff Mack’s insights into our business — both nationally and internationally. His hard work, integrity and strategic thinking have made him an invaluable contributor to our company.” 

Mike Magolnick, CEO of The POTENTL Agency

I've know Jeff personally and worked with him for years. He has always represented the epitome of honesty and integrity in business. 

One of the things I respect the most about Jeff is his attention to the needs of his clients. A win for his client is a win for him and not the other way around. This is why I will always look to Jeff as a friend and a business partner.

Greg Martin, CEO of Ethos

Jeff Mack is the real deal.  His contacts are real.  His insights are executive-level, yet tactical at the same time.  You can rely upon what he tells you.  He’ll tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.  He knows his stuff.  And, he’s a fun & enjoyable guy.

Stewart Hughes, Former Vice President of a Wall Street Investment Banking Firm,

a former Top Income Earner and now current CEO and Co-Owner of Unicity International

“I’ve watched Jeff Mack grow from being just a very intelligent engineer to being a profoundly effective leader internationally. His abilities to grow himself and to grow other people are absolutely remarkable. I applaud his success and am excited to see what he’s going to become in the years ahead.”

Kosta Gara, Best-Selling Author and CEO of Gara Group

“I have had a chance to work with Jeff on a number of projects in recent years. What stands out is his professionalism, ability to communicate, and his unique ability to deliver results in particularly challenging circumstances.” 

Koji Murao, Diamond IBO, Japan

“I have worked with Jeff for more than two years now. He has traveled to Japan countless times. He has taught me and my people in Japan, the honest and professional way to build the business. He is a devoted, hard-working leader and has always been the best example for us to follow. We all appreciate his great support and are proud of working with him.”

Bob Florentine, Entrepreneur

“I have watched Jeff Mack go from business builder to an Empire builder over the last 15 years.  Imagine someone who has earned millions of dollars willing to teach you step by step how to do the same.  He is an expert trainer and mentor.  When Jeff speaks, the industry listens.  If you ever have an opportunity to team up with him, do not hesitate.  He is a proven winner and someone who I am proud to have worked with side by side.”